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Frequently Loved Questions

  • About Us
    Love Sculpt was founded with the desire to bring the next generation of contouring and sculpt technology to help everyday men and women to shape their face and body with non-invasive, affordable procedures. We believe whole heartly in the results that can be achieved and dedicated to the highest client satisfaction rate. Our boutique clinic located at Southport was chosen especially for its easy access and convenient location.
  • Our Cancellation Policy
    We are dedicated to servicing our clients and their needs; however last- minute cancellations and no-shows to appointments greatly affect our business. We understand that circumstances do arise and that you may not be able to keep your appointment due to illness, work related issues etc, but please remember to be vigilant by calling us no later than 12 hours prior to your appointment if you cannot make it. This enables us an opportunity to fill your appointment to other clients. Attempts to cancel your appointment through any of our social media platforms are not an acceptable means of cancellation. You must cancel by replying to the automated text message reminders, by phone or via email. A friendly reminder text is sent out prior to your booking to help you avoid any cancellations fees, however, please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times to avoid any late arrivals, missed appointments or no-show fees. The following policies apply: Cancellations: Cancelling or rescheduling less than 12 hours before your appointment will forfeit your booking and its value. No Shows: If you are a no-show to an appointment, there will be no credit towards another appointment. You will forfeit the booking and its value.
  • Not sure what treatment you need?
    Contouring & sculpting techniques are a relatively new type of aesthetic treatment so you may be unsure what to book. Feel free to message us for a consultation and we'll work out a treatment to address your needs. A consultation is free and will only take 15 minutes of your time. Email: Phone: 0403 368 136 Or direct message us on Facebook or Instagram
  • Do you accept Afterpay?
    Yes you can pay via Afterpay! You'll find the Afterpay button, once you have reached the checkout page.
  • What is Fat Cav?
    Fat Cavitation is a method of fat reduction, by utilising low level ultrasonic energy waves that transmit impulses reaching the fat cells. The impulses enlarge the cells and with progressive enlargement the cells implode and liquify. This emulsification enables the elimination process to occur and fat to be released from the body using the lymphatic and urinary system.
  • What body parts can you have Fat Cav?
    Fat Cav is ideal for small pockets of pinchable fat that are hard to budge from diet and exercise. It is not an overall weight loss solution, but ideal for targeting localised fat areas. Tummy bulge Love handles Bra fat Inner thigh Outer thigh saddlebags Floppy arms Below buttocks/banana roll We do not perform Fat Cavitation on the face.
  • How is fat eliminated?
    We use an Ultrasound Cavitation handpiece and with circular motions in the target body area, the low frequency sound waves cause an emulsification of fat. The broken down fat is converting it into a substance easy to eliminate through the urinary and lymphatic system. We combine a fat cav session with radio frequency to further eliminate and process the fat.
  • How quickly will I see results?
    Many clients see immediate cm loss following their first treatment of Fat Cav, but this does vary among individual cases. Results do continue if you follow the post-care plan. Depending on the area being treated, you may require a course of treatments between 3 to 4 sessions to achieve long lasting results.
  • Can you lose weight with Fat Cav?
    Cavitation is not a weight loss solution, but is perfect for targeting pockets of fat that are hard to budge with diet or exercise. This may could be that niggly lower tummy pouch, love handles or inner thigh fat.
  • Who is a good candidate for Fat Cav?
    Fat Cav is a good treatment for: Those with the presence of localised pinchable fat pockets Those with uneven fat bulges (may be imperfections from a surgical liposuction procedure) Those generally wanting more shape, body remodelling
  • Who cannot have a Fat Cav treatment?
    Fat Cavitation is not permitted on clients with: Pregnant or breastfeeding Liver disease High Cholesterol Diabetes Cancer Poor lymphatic systems Recent surgery or open wound near the treatment area Sunburn on the treatment area Those with a pacemaker, defibrillator or metal implants Those on steroid medications
  • Is Fat Cavitation painful?
    Fat Cav is a painless treatment. After applying conductive gel on the treatment area, we use a handpiece in a circular motion over the target area. Fat Cav is a relaxing experience.
  • What is the Pre & Post Care?
    In order to efficiently eliminate the fat from your body, it is important to follow our pre & post care plan. Preparation - Before your Fat Cav treatment Drink at least 2 litres of water in the 24 hours before treatment Adopt a healthy diet - low calorie, low fat, low sugar is recommended Avoid alcohol before the day of treatment Try not to eat 2 hours before your appointment Aftercare - After your Fat Cav treatment Stay hydrated and drink appoximately 2-3 litres of water during the course of the day. This will help facilitate your metabolism and eliminate lipids that are broken down by the treatment Continue a healthy diet - low calorie, low fat, low sugar for 24 hours post-treatment. The best results seen from a healthy diet for 3 days after treatment. This includes avoiding alcohol and excessive caffeine, otherwise it will inhibit the breakdown of the disintegrated fat cells Do some exercise! A minimum of 20 minutes of exercise (brisk walk, cardio) on the day of treatment and in the 3 days following, will ensure the stored energy released by the cavitation process is burnt off. A Red Light Therapy session is very complimentary to boosting your metabolism and aiding in the lymphatic process. Feel free to book a session after or in the days post-treatment Likewise our EMS Sculpt treatment stimulates the muscles and is perfect for burning calories and further reducing fat. Talk to us about booking a session.
  • What is Radio Frequency?
    Commonly called RF, radio frequency is a low risk treatment for skin tightening and rejuvenation. The RF treatment creates heat energy in the dermis and subcutaneous layers, where the skin is heated causing collagen and elastin fibres to break down. This signals the body to produce new, healthy collagen and elastin fibres in the area that has been treated. The effect results in smoother, healthier and firmer looking skin.
  • What areas are best for RF?
    RF on the Face: We love using RF for lifting and defining the jawline, reducing chin fat pockets, and skin tightening on the neck. RF on the Body: We use RF in conjunction with Fat Cav on the body as it aids in further fat breakdown and also tightens the skin in the area where cavitation is been treated. In particular, it is good for sagging, loose skin on the tummy and arms. It also aids in cellulite reduction on the legs, bottom.
  • Is RF painful?
    RF skin tightening is a painless treatment. We apply a conductive gel on the target area and use a RF handpiece in circular motions to release the energy output. The RF handpiece gradually heats the skin in order to increase collagen and elastin synthesis, so you will feel a warming of the skin. We will communicate with you during the treatment at all times to ensure you are comfortable with the warming level.
  • What is the Pre & Post Care procedure?
    If you are having a Body Contouring which includes Fat Cav & RF, then it is important to follow our pre & post care plan. Preparation - Before your RF treatment Drink at least 2 litres of water in the 24 hours before treatment Adopt a healthy diet - low calorie, low fat, low sugar is recommended Avoid alcohol before the day of treatment Try not to eat 2 hours before your appointment Aftercare - After your RF treatment Stay hydrated and drink appoximately 2-3 litres of water during the course of the day. This will help facilitate new collagen formation, improve circulation, lymphatic flow and greater toxin clearance Continue a healthy diet - low calorie, low fat, low sugar for 24 hours post-treatment. The best results seen from a healthy diet for 3 days after treatment. This includes avoiding alcohol and excessive caffeine, otherwise it will inhibit tissue rejuvenation If you are having RF for face contouring only Drink at least 2 litres of water 24 hours before treatment and following treatment Wear an open neck top so we can easily access your face/neck Remove any earrings/necklaces before treatment
  • The Technology
    Love Sculpt uses sculpt technology using EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetics) which essentially creates body contractions just like you were doing exercise. Long gone are the days of countless hours at the gym. You can now build muscle and burn fat with one 30-minute session equivalent to 30,000 sit-ups, squats, reps, or 5 hours of high-intensity exercise! Technology hard facts, after a course of treatments · Increases muscle mass by 25% · Decreases fat by 30% · Increases fat metabolism by 5 times A maximal contraction, EMS, is the strongest voluntary contraction you can do during exercise, in addition to the HIFEM, where you receive supra-maximal muscle contractions that are far more intense than you could do voluntarily. For example, if targeting your abdominal area, a 30-minute sculpt session is the equivalent of doing 30,000 crunches, but the difference between a regular ab crunch and a supra-maximal ab crunch, is the far more intense environment created beneath the skin that can effectively reduce fat cells while building muscle mass. The Love Sculpt body sculpt technology also incorporates RF (Radio Frequency) to its treatment, delivering energy waves to reach the fatty layers under the skin. Radio frequency is a safe and effective energy-based process that benefits the overall goal of muscle building and fat reduction. The three-therapy combination of HIFEM, EMS and RF is completely non-surgical and non-invasive, delivered via the paddles placed on the area of treatment.
  • What body area can EMS Sculpt be used on?
    A Sculpt treatment can target 5 different areas of your body · Abdomen/Tummy – gain a tighter, more defined stomach · Glutes/Bottom – gain a lifted, toned and more sculpted booty with minimal effort · Thighs/Legs – slim down your inner or outer thighs, define the front or back of legs · Calves – popular with men to improve the shape and size of calf muscles · Arms – tackle flabby arms by building your triceps and biceps
  • Benefits of Body Sculpting
    · Non-surgical - no incisions, no injections · Non-Invasive - no pain, no soreness · No sweat – no effort, no impact · No downtime – walk-in, walk-out · No recovery time – go about your day · No need to undress
  • How long is a session?
    Sculpt sessions are 30 mins long and treat one body area. We also offer Double Sculpt sessions which are 1 hour long. A double session allows you to target two body areas in the one visit, by undertaking a 30 min on one body part ie. tummy, followed by another 30 min session on another body part ie. thighs. Single Sculpt Session – 30 mins one body area Double Sculpt Session – 1 hour for two body areas Visit our Pricing section for details.
  • What should I expect at a Trial Session?
    We offer first time visitors to Love Sculpt a 30-minute trial session at the discounted price of $49. On arrival we will ask you questions on your current general health and assess your desired outcome on the body areas you would like to improve. You will undertake a mini sculpt session on the body part you most want to target, so that you can experience how it feels and understand how the process can achieve results. There is no obligation to book again, however if you feel it is for you then we will certainly discuss the next step in scheduling a program of visits.
  • What do I wear?
    The beauty of our body sculpting is you can literally pop in during your busy day whether it be whilst on a work break or after dropping the kids to school. You don’t have to worry what you are wearing or undress for the treatment … and you certainly don’t have to be decked out in the latest activewear. Loose clothing is most suitable as the sculpt paddles are placed over your clothing. It is recommended to avoid wearing thick fabric such as leather, denim, or anything with large buckles and buttons. If you were wearing jeans and wanted to treat your tummy area, then we would suggest unbuttoning your jeans so we can place the paddle in the right position. We have light blankets to cover your body for any exposed body parts.
  • What happens in a session?
    A sculpt session is taken lying down relaxed on one of our comfortable treatment beds. For an abdominal session one large paddle is placed on your tummy region, secured by a support belt. Two large paddles are used on the buttock area, legs, and thighs. Our machine has the latest addition of two curved paddles specially designed for the calf muscles and arms. Once the paddles are in position the machine is activated and is always commenced at the lowest intensity. The operating energy is gradually increased to individual comfort levels. A timer is set for a 30-minute session. Clients are welcome to use their phone, listen to music or simply lie back and relax during the session time.
  • Package Options
    We recommend a minimum base package of 4 sessions, taking 2 sessions a week for 2 weeks, to see the beginning of noticeable results. More noticeable results are achieved using 8 to 10 package sessions over a 4 week period. After 4 weeks, continued improvements can be achieved with sessions spaced once a week for another 4 weeks, then once a month as a maintenance program. 4 session package – Base package. Minimum to achieve visible results 8 session package – Most popular package. Recommended for reaching your body goals! 10 session package - Greatest value for money for continued maintenance Visit our Pricing section for package details.
  • What results can I expect?
    All results are individual depending on your age, physical condition, BMI and many other aspects, however generally, many users feel physical results immediately after their first visit! You'll certainly feel the results after 4 sessions, conducted over a 2-week period. More visible results are achieved with continued sessions and improvements are experienced weeks following your sessions and can be maintained with ‘top-up’ visits.
  • Are the results permanent?
    As with any exercise program where physical gains are maintained by keeping active, we likewise suggest, to maintain your sculpt results by undertaking ‘top-up’ maintenance sessions once or twice a month.
  • Does it hurt?
    A sculpt session is completely painless. At first the vibration of the process may feel unusual, but it is always started at low intensity and increased to suit your comfort zone. You soon get used to the experience, and many customers say it is very relaxing and satisfying knowing that they are burning calories while they are lying down!
  • Who can’t use?
    You cannot undertake a sculpt session if you are pregnant or lactating/nursing an infant. Also if you have been diagnosed with cancer, have a cardiac condition, have metal or electronic implants, a pacemaker, have open wounds near the site of treatment, sensory sensitivity, or epilepsy. We do not accept clients under the age of 18 years old.
  • What if I am unfit?
    This technology is suitable for all fitness levels as you are not exerting any energy yourself or undertaking any high-impact exercise. The best candidates are those that are with a BMI (Body Mass Index) range less than 30. Check your BMI by using the formula below.
  • What else can I do to maximise results?
    Nutrition and healthy eating are an important part of the Love Sculpt journey. Set yourself up for success by incorporating an active lifestyle and healthy eating plan in tandem to your Sculpt sessions.
  • Can it help post-pregnancy Abdominal Separation
    Yes! Sculpt sessions on the tummy are an effective solution for diastasis recti or post-pregnancy abdominal separation. The most noticeable symptom of diastasis recti is a bulge or ‘mummy tummy’ which sculpting is clinically proven to reduce. The body sculpt technology induces supra-maximal contractions, which builds and strengthens core muscles. Many clients also report improvement in pelvic floor strength.
  • Is it the same as Cryo or Fat Freezing?
    You may have heard of treatments that include the words ‘cryo’ or ‘freezing’. These treatments involve a cooling procedure where you experience a cold sensation. Our non-invasive sculpt method is completely different and does not require any cooling of the body or post-procedure requirements. It is based on creating contractions of the muscles like that of exercise. You walk away not sore, swollen, red or fatigued. It has no downtime you can literally get back to work.
  • Is body sculpting better than Lipo?
    Surgical treatments such as liposuction became popular in the 90’s, as a costly but permanent form of body shaping. Decades on, advances in technology have developed revolutionary non-surgical options that are safe and an incredibly effective way to get rid of stubborn fat that won’t budge with diet or exercise. Whilst liposuction can surgically remove fat, sculpt treatments can reduce fat whilst strengthening your muscles for a more toned and contoured body.
  • Is it useful for weight loss?
    Whilst it is not promoted as a weight loss solution, the body sculpting process does aid in weight loss by building muscle, which boosts your metabolism and burns fat. When combined with a nutritious, balanced diet, you can enter into calorie deficit. A calorie deficit essentially means you are burning more calories than you consume, aiding in weight loss.
  • Should it replace exercise?
    If you normally struggle with high intensity exercise then sculpt can be beneficial in activating the muscles, targeting hard to budge fat areas of the body, with no effort. However, there is no better form of endorphin than regular physical exercise to reduce stress, improve mood and assist in overall good health. Sculpt is seen as a helping hand to reach your aesthetic goals.
  • What celebrities do body sculpting?
    High profile celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are huge fans of body sculpting. How else you do think they get those defined abs and snatched waistlines!
  • What is Red Light Therapy?
    Often referred to as RLT, Red Light Therapy is a safe, simple treatment that delivers concentrated light to your skin and cells using the same wavelengths as natural light from the sun, but without the harmful UV rays. Like natural light, RLT helps stimulate the mitochondria in our body. Mitochondria are the tiny powerhouses within the cell responsible for energy production. This process for energy production is known as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).
  • What health benefits from RLT?
    There are over 6000 published clinical studies that value RLT as a therapeutic aid with the following health benefits Improves your sleep by increasing the natural production of melatonin, which is the body's natural way of preparing for a good night's sleep Reduces joint pain and arthritis, decreases inflammation simply by reducing oxidative stress and stimulating cellular energy production (adenosine triphosphate or ATP). There have been hundreds of well documented studies over the years to show the positive results for Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other types of inflammation and joint pain. Supports training and muscle recovery after exercise. It works by helping the body produce more cellular energy and reduce oxidative stress, which helps the repair and recovery of tired and damaged muscle tissues Improves skin health, stimulating the production of collagen which gives your skin better elasticity and holds the connective tissue together which tightens the skin. This process also rejuvenates the skin, reduces wrinkles, providing anti-aging effects Heals and repairs scars, wounds and skin injuries including acne, cold sores, fades stretch marks, repairs sun damage, improves skin discolouration, quicken the skin’s healing process Improves thyroid function. Many health professionals recommend RLT as a natural method of treating thyroid conditions. Helps to aid in weight loss. Clinical research has shown that RLT makes an impact on adipocytes, which are cells responsible for storing fat. By doing so, RLT causes lipids to disperse, helping in the extermination of fat-triggering cells.
  • What is the difference between Red & Near Infrared wavelengths?
    Both red light and near infrared light have been proven to enhance cellular function. The main difference is the red light is readily absorbed by skin tissue, leading to improved skin health and collagen production. Near infrared light is invisible to the human eye and penetrates into deeper tissue, leading to benefits like increased muscle recovery, reduced joint pain, and weight loss.
  • How long & how often?
    The science behind RLT recommends 10 minutes a day as the perfect dosage level. Short durations are not only quick and easy, they allow for maximum benefit. You can do RLT every day! If you are requiring RLT for a specific benefit (ie. for pain management) then it is recommended a minimum 3-5 times a week for a 4-5 week period to target your concern to achieve results. Our membership program may be the solution for you, should you have a specific goal to achieve. It offers the best value for those wanting regular visits. See our pricing page for more info.
  • Does RLT work through clothing?
    The answer is yes and no! A RLT session uses both Red Light and Infrared Light. Red light does not permeate through clothing. So if there is a particular area you want to treat for skin health ie. your tummy for skin tightening, your face for wrinkles, then its best to have these areas exposed to the red light. However, near the Infrared Light component is invisible to the eye, working at a cellular level, will penetrate through light clothing, bandages and dressings, if you have joint pain or an injury. However to receive the full irradiance of the RLT it is recommended to expose as much of your skin in front of the panel. Wearing a bra, underwear, shorts, singlet etc are suitable clothing options for your comfort.
  • Do I need eye protection?
    Eyewear is optional but not required. The red light may first appear bright until your eyes become accustomed to the light. For this reason we recommend closing your eyes during the session. We do have block out glasses if you want to use them.
  • Infrared Saunas vs Red Light Therapy
    When comparing Infrared Sauna with Red Light Therapy, it’s clear that both provide a number of health benefits, although in very different ways. Saunas are one of the oldest therapies around, and they rely on HEAT. Red light therapy is a cutting edge technology that relies on direct exposure to LIGHT. Infrared Saunas use heat for detoxification benefits by helping rid your body of toxins through sweating out toxins. In comparison RLT uses light to penetrate at a cellular level with multiple healing benefits. Both are powerful tools for wellness however RLT is seen as less invasive, more convenient, delivering red and near-infrared wavelengths without inflicting any heat stress on your cardiovascular system.
  • LED Face Masks vs Red Light Therapy
    The beauty industry has an abundance of home-use beauty devices including LED Face Masks. These devices are wonderful for home use however have a significantly low power output, with very little data on their irradiance level, most likely at a capacity unable to reach your skin deeply enough to stimulate new collagen production or achieve any functions at a cellular level. Red Light Therapy is more than just skincare – it is full-body wellness which extends to your whole body. It utilises combination of two very specific wavelengths of light: red light at 660nm and near-infrared light at 850nm. While red light most known for skin rejuvenation and collagen production, near-infrared light gets deeper into the body and can aid pain & inflammation support, bone repair, muscle recovery, and many other problems. Most LED facemask devices only use red light and leave out the critical near-infrared wavelength of light that helps with so many other issues. Though LED Face Masks are convenient and less expensive, you don’t get the strength of light that you do with a Red Light Therapy panel. And, there isn’t nearly as much scientific evidence backing up the claims of efficacy with LED Face Masks as there is with RLT panels.
  • Can I get sunburnt from RLT?
    No. Red & near Infrared Light does not cause sunburn.
  • Why does it look like half the lights aren't working?
    Our RLT panels uses a combination of both red light wavelengths which are visible red light. It also uses near infrared light wavelengths which are non-visible to the human eye.
  • Does RLT interfere with any medications?
    Hundreds of studies have proven that RLT to be safe and effective. However if you use medications such as Retin A or other photosensitising drugs then it is recommended you consult your doctor before visiting.
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