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Muscle Toning
3 Session
Body Blitz

We invite you to discover the secret to the ultimate workout hack.

Strengthen, tone and build your muscles while lying down. 

Introducing Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS), a game-changing technology that allows you to achieve the benefits of high-intensity exercise without breaking a sweat. In just a 30 minutes session, our EMS Sculpt treatment mimics muscle contractions equivalent to 30,000 sit-ups, squats or reps, 


Utilising energy-based technology, our signature 30-minute BODY SCULPT treatment provides an incredible method of strengthening your muscles for a more toned and sculpted body. By placing the paddles on your targeted body part, its a helping hand at firming up flabby underarms, defining your abdominal muscles, building your booty, toning your legs and thighs!


Experience how amazing a Body Sculpt treatment is & get snatched with a 3 session package!  The price is unbelievable! 


Limited Edition $99 - 3 SESSION PACKAGE


Once paid, we'll contact you to schedule your first appointment time. Our dreamy studio located in Southport and we can't wait to meet you!


  • This offer available until 15 March 2024

  • Three sessions must be used before 30 June 2024

  • Each session is 30 minutes duration on one body part

Thank you for your interest in our 3 session EMS Sculpt package with Love Sculpt. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals and acknowledge that you may have questions before booking this offer. We encourage you to message us with any questions you may have. The effectiveness of a 3 session package using muscle stimulation can vary depending on factors including your overall health, lifestyle and existing exercise routine. It is important to note that a 3 session package is best as a supplement to your existing exercise routine and should not be seen as a weight loss solution on its own. It should be note that all results are individual and vary from person to person. Our package offers are perfect for clients to experience the treatment to determine if it is something you would like continue with. We highly recommend undergoing our regular packages of 6 or 12 sessions (these are not on special) for more noticeable and lasting outcomes. We want to ensure that you have realistic expectations about the outcome of our treatments. We believe in open communication and want to ensure that you have the necessary information to make an informed decision. Please visit our website for more detailed treatment information. Or contact us at


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