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Get the Hollywood Cinched Waist with Hourglass Contouring

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

When Kim K wore a silicone corset gown to the 2019 Met Gala, it exploded into a modern-day obsession with the Hollywood hourglass waistline. The cinched silhouette is not a new trend. Way back in the Renaissance period, when art and culture flourished like never before, the hourglass figure was all the rage. Just think of Queen Victoria, who set the tone for this sensuous shape. Her corseted waist and voluminous skirts not only showcased her regal demeanor but also brought attention to the coveted waistline.

Fast forward to the dazzling 1950s Hollywood era, with the effervescent Marilyn Monroe dazzling the silver screen with her own version of the hourglass figure. The world couldn't get enough of her vivacious charm, and her curvaceous frame which became a symbol of beauty that still endures today.

Now, let's zoom in on the present day, where the modern queen of curves, Kim K, has reignited the flame for the hourglass silhouette. With a dash of social media savvy and a sprinkle of Hollywood glamour, Kim brought back the cinched waist in a big way. Her penchant for flaunting her figure in form-fitting outfits has made us all rethink what it means to embrace our curves.

Lucky for today's modern innovation where body contouring is a game-changer in the pursuit of the hourglass shape. Forget the tight-fitting corsets, you can achieve those captivating hourglass curves by strategically targeting areas like the waist and stomach with contouring methods such as fat cavitation and EMS electronic muscle stimulation. Love Sculpt can personalise your sculpting session to help achieve curves and the confidence that comes with it. All body contouring treatments are non-invasive, employing energy-based treatments that are pain-free and no effort.

Hourglass waistline like Kim K
Hollywood Hourglass waistline



This one hour treatment includes:

  • Low Level Light Therapy - to soften & shrink fat cells

  • Ultrasound Fat Cavitation - to destroy & break down fat cells

  • Vacuum Therapy & Manual Massage - to move liquified fat & toxins to lymph nodes

  • Radio Frequency - for skin tightening

  • Vibration Plate - to stimulate circulation & lymphatic flow

Our Hourglass Contouring treatment is an effective solution to flattening & sculpting the tummy, and snatching the waistline, when diet and exercise can't budge stubborn fat pockets.

Whilst this treatment is pain-free and non-invasive, it is crucial you undertake these simple measures to optimise results:

Before Treatment:

  • Drink 2-3 litres of water

  • Not eat 1-2 hour before

After Treatment: (the body needs 3 days to eliminate the toxins & fat waste through your lymphatic & urinary system)

  • Drink 2-3 litres of water daily

  • Follow a low carb, low sugar, low fat diet

  • Avoid alcohol & caffeine

  • Be active with 20-30 minutes exercise, walking daily

Treatment: Hourglass Contouring

Duration: One Hour

Price: $185

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These client results are from one session, however all results vary depending on the individual. Additional sessions, one week apart can be taken to achieve desired results.

Before & After of Hourglass Contouring
Hourglass Contouring


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