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Face & Body Contouring Specialists on the Gold Coast


Face & Body Contouring
rated the hottest
beauty trend


Love Sculpt is a Gold Coast based Face & Body Contouring Studio, providing a subtle approach to reducing

stubborn fat pockets, building and strengthening muscle mass, shaping, toning and tightening the skin. 

We utilise energy-based methods as an alternative to invasive surgery or expensive injectables.

 Face & Body Contouring methods are the choice of treatment by well-known celebrities, and with advancements

in the industry, they are highly effective and accessible to everyday men & women seeking to improve their

face and body shape with no pain, zero risk and little effort.

The benefits of using ENERGY-BASED DEVICES for face & body contouring

Non-surgical - no incisions, no injections

Non-invasive - no pain, no soreness

No sweat - no effort, no impact

No downtime - walk-in, walk-out

No recovery time - go about your day after

We invite you to a special $39 TRIAL SESSION to experience one of our favourite body sculpt treatments.

You'll wonder why you haven't tried it earlier!

Gold Coast Face & Body Contouring Sculpting


Smoothing, shaping, toning, strengthening, and fat reducing procedures are more advanced, and more accessible than ever. We specialise in treatments that are highly affordable, non-invasive, with no discomfort, and no downtime.

Our FACE CONTOURING treatments include facial slimming by shaping and defining your jawline, reducing chin fat and neck skin tightening. 

Our BODY CONTOURING treatments target hard to budge fat pockets on the tummy, inner thighs and saddle bags, shaping the bottom and creating snatched hourglass waistlines.


Strengthen & define muscles without exercise with BODY SCULPTING to firm up floppy arms, create abs, tone legs, and build your booty!

To further enhance your sculpting journey we offer RED LIGHT THERAPY as a supplementary tool for fat loss, muscle strengthening, skin improvement and many more health benefits

Love Sculpt utilises these energy-based technologies for face and body contouring:

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation (Fat Cav)

for spot fat reduction, flattening and shaping

Radio Frequency (RF)

for skin tightening and lifting

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

for muscle building and fat burning

Cellu-Sphere Roller 

for cellulite reduction

Red & Near Infrared Light Therapy (RLT)

for skin health, metabolism and a cellular boost

Take a look at our treatment guide to discover what is best for you!

Explore the Love


Treatments for neck skin tightening, jawline definition, facial slimming, reducing chin fat, face skin lifting


Treatments for hourglass shaping, tummy flattening, tightening underarms, thigh slimming, reducing bra fat


Treatments for ab muscle definition, booty building, toned legs, tricep and calf muscle building


Compliment your treatments with Red Light Therapy to assist in fat loss, skin health & deep cell rejuvenation 


Find out about our trial session offer, general pricing and package combinations


Our photo gallery will help you see what results can be achieved & see which treatment is best

for you!


Everything you need to know about contouring and sculpting.

It's fascinating stuff!


Shop the Love Sculpt Collection of at-home face & body sculpting tools

Find the Love

Visit our chic new studio!


Bookings by appointment

Southport Park Village

Shop 3A, 175 Ferry Road

Southport, Gold Coast 

Qld 4215. Australia

Enter via Drury Ave

Free parking

Studio located thru walkway

0403 368 136

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