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How I transformed my sagging jowls with non-surgical face contouring

Hi this is Mia and I'm the owner of Love Sculpt. I swear by the results you can achieve from non-surgical Face Contouring, so much that I opened a studio specialising in energy-based contouring for the face and body.

Having spent a significant part of my career as a beauty business owner, servicing clients with traditional beauty treatments, I have seen first hand how the industry has evolved. New technological innovations have changed the way we approach beauty enhancements, with a growing demand for non-invasive solutions, for more natural-looking results.

Before & After of face contouring treatment
Owner Mia - Before & After Face Contouring

No one is immune from the aging process, even someone that works in the industry. As we age the skin in your cheeks and lower face lose much of its collagen and elastin, the muscles behind lose volume and strength. When the skin is no longer supported structurally it is the major factor in the dreaded sagging jawline "jowls" and sagging neck skin “turkey neck”.

The approach at Love Sculpt is to provide alternate solutions to going under the knife for invasive surgery, and more affordable options than expensive injectable fillers, which can sometimes result in a less natural result. Our energy-based methods are far less risky, pain-free and are an approach to effectively smoothing, tightening and lifting the skin for a more youthful appearance.

Love Sculpt owner using face contouring
Love Sculpt owner - Mia (age 55yrs)

Our face contouring utilises Radio Frequency (RF) as a skin tightening treatment. The RF uses low electromagnetic energy waves to penetrate the skin layers, stimulating new skin cells and the production of collagen and elastin fibres. The localised heating of the area causes an immediate contraction of collagen fibres and accelerates the production of collagen and elastin which has a tightening effect on the skin. The results get better over time due to the collagen renewal process, and as with any beauty treatment, the results vary according to your age, skin health and skin type.

Our approach to Face Contouring is an affordable luxury and easy enough to schedule into your busy day. There's no downtime, the only requirement is to drink plenty of water before and after treatment. Hydration is key to optimal skin health!

Love Sculpt owner Mia, at the age of 55, is an example of how face contouring can naturally create a more youthful appearance. "Whilst I've tried injectable fillers in the past, I'm very conscious of not overdoing these types of treatments as they can change your entire look. Sometimes not for the better."

"This is why I'm obsessed with the techniques that I offer at Love Sculpt. They are better for you as you're not injecting chemicals into your body, nor do you need to go under the knife. It's just a matter of integrating contouring visits with healthy eating and good skin care."

Love Sculpt welcomes Gold Coast ladies of all ages for this transformative process. Mature age skin tends to show more noticeable results from the first visit, with additional visits depending on individual aesthetic goals.

Before and After photos of Love Sculpt Owner Mia demonstrate how you can transform sagging jowls with face contouring: to create jawline definition, reduce chin fat, lift and tighten loose skin. As Mia is a busy studio owner, she tries to undertake the treatment herself every 2-3 months to maintain her lifted jawline. She also incorporates the regular use of a Gua Sha as an at-home contouring routine. The Love Sculpt stainless steel Gua Sha can be purchased online at

Love Sculpt owner explains face contouring
How I lifted my sagging jowls with face contouring

Love Sculpt is a Gold Coast based

Face & Body Contouring Studio that utilizes energy-based methods as a

non-invasive approach to reaching your face and body goals.

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Radio Frequency

  • Requires no surgery, no injections, no downtime

  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production

  • Promotes fat cell reduction

  • Provides immediate results

  • Reduces wrinkles, softens fine lines

  • Visibly lifts and tightens the skin

Duration: 45 mins

Price: $95




Location of Love Sculpt, Gold Coast
Love Sculpt - chic boutique studio, Gold Coast

Love Sculpt is a boutique style

Face & Body Contouring Studio

Located in Southport, Gold Coast

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